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Doing a job that we love for over 18 years

After getting my engineering degree in 1992, I spent several years as an award-winning account executive and product specialist.  Around 1999 I started Mesmerize Media as a labor of love while still working full time, eventually stepping out on my own in a career that appealed to my combination of creative and technical interests.

My wife Heather joined me on occasion as a designer, bringing to bear her design degree from Miami University of Ohio as well as her extensive sales and project management experience.  In 2014 she expanded her role to include social media management, site analytics, and site administration for numerous clients.

We are very fortunate that those years participating in countless client meetings helped us understand the importance of clear, simple communication and focus on customer needs. We have been able to successfully combine that straightforward approach with our creative talents and technical skills - so we can collaborate effectively without jargon getting in the way.

We're grateful to have developed long-term relationships with a number of great clients, and we look forward to the continuing opportunities that are coming our way.

-- Scott

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  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin received his Bachelor's Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 1992....
  • Heather Pennington
    Heather received her BS in Design from Miami University of Ohio, and has managed clients...